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A Comprehensive Guide to CBD Benefits

In an effort to provide as much education as possible, we are always looking for relevant articles about the magical nature of CBD and the hemp plant in general. One of the sources that we love is where there are countless articles diving into all things CBD, with a great mix of textual evidence […]

Colorado to Allow Doctors to Prescribe Marijuana in Place of Opiods!

According to the article and report shared in the New York Post this week, it was announced that a new law just passed in Colorado to allow doctors to prescribe Marijuana instead of opioids. The new law expands the list of accepted medical conditions that qualify for marijuana subscriptions to include conditions that can be […]

Study Finds Cannabis Dispensaries Reduce Opioid Deaths by 21%

In a study published this week in the journalΒ Economic Inquiry, researchers found that the legalization of adult-use cannabis reduced opioid overdose deaths by 21%. The study, which was carried out by economists at the University of Massachusetts and Colorado State University, found that there is a direct correlation between legal access to cannabis and and […]

UFC to begin Clinical Trials Testing CBD Products for Athlete Recovery

As of Tuesday August 6, 2019, the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) announced its plan to begin running Clinical Trials on UFC Athletes examining the effects of CBD for pain relief. According to the report from CNN, at least 30 fighters have agreed to and plan to take part in the upcoming trials. The news represents […]