Back Surgery and CBD Customer Write up

We love to share the positive stories we receive from our customers! If you have a chance, submit your story about how our products worked for you for a chance to receive free products and become a preferred member; which gets you discounts for life! Below, please read a customer testimony from Ted Aguirre. We met Ted working a MMA Fight in LA. He was looking for products to help him manage pain and to get off the prescription pills he had been on from a back surgery he went through. We hooked Ted up, and this is what he had to say regarding our ProStick Sports Stick, and using CBD to treat pain:

“I had spinal fusion surgery about 6 months ago. I have been on painkillers and muscle relaxers for over 2 years due to my back condition and have been trying hard to completely eliminate medication from my life. I have seen improvement after surgery, however I still experience pain, discomfort and extreme muscle tightness in my upper back and hips due to muscle compensation from the surgery. I researched CBD products and discovered this sports stick at a local sporting event. I can truthfully say after using this product for almost 4 weeks, it works. It helps reduce the tightness and pain in my back. Before I go to my meds, I rub this on the area that are bothering me and I notice a nice warming menthol sensation and the pain/tightness is reduced to a point where I do not need to take my pain meds. The stick is awesome compared to using a cream due to the fact the stick allows me to reach areas in my back that I could not other reach on my own with cream due to my limited flexibility. The stick is a very convenient feature, not as messy as creams and as easy as putting on deodorant stick. – Ted Aguirre”

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