Best CBD Oil For Athletes

Best CBD Oil For Athletes

As an athlete, you know that recovery is one of the most important factors in sport. Without effective recovery from injury, splints, or general soreness, you can’t do the sport you love. Reaching your full potential as an athlete is always on your mind, but when your muscles, old injuries, or joints weigh you down, it feels unachievable. It can be so frustrating for athletes to feel that they’re right on the cusp of pushing themselves to the absolute maximum, and falling short because their pain is getting in the way.

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Nowadays, the market is full of creams, soaks, salts, and balms which promise athletes the quickest and healthiest recovery. Often, though, these products contain harmful chemicals, many of which can actually be damaging to your skin, and don’t work effectively either.

What is CBD?

In recent years, a solution in the form of CBD oil has changed athletes’ lives forever. CBD, an abbreviation of cannabidiol, is a chemical compound that can be found in marijuana or hemp plants. Many people are scared off, or confused, by the fact that athletes effectively use a chemical found in marijuana to help their soreness. Hemp and marijuana come with all sorts of connotations – it’s easy to get caught up in stereotypes – but CBD is only one chemical found within the whole plant. There are no ‘high’ effects of CBD, and it’s totally legal.

CBD Oil is used for many health benefits around the world. CBD for athletes, however, is administered in the form of creams and oils, which aid muscle recovery and can even prevent joint pain.

How Does It Work?

What is CBDWhen you do vigorous exercise regularly, tiny tears form in your muscles. This is in order for the fibers of your muscles to re-connect using satellite cells, which build faster than regular cells. Essentially, in order to get bigger and stronger, your muscles have to be broken down by the exercise first. This inevitably leads to the soreness you feel after a hard workout. Likewise, your joints and muscles become tired and worn over the years if they are not properly taken care of. Furthermore, most athletes have one or two old injuries from years of doing sport. Using CBD for muscle recovery after workouts and sports performances have drastically improved the recovery of athletes’ lives. Here’s a breakdown of how this works.

  1. CBD encourages your body to heal itself. Instead of putting toxins into your body which change your state of mind or chemical balances, CBD actually encourages your body to produce its own natural chemicals, called Endogenous Cannabinoids. These sound like aliens from outer space but are actually chemicals your body produces by itself. The Endogenous Cannabinoid system assists your body with pain relief, by modulating neuronal and immune cell function. CBD for athletes helps your body recover using its own natural abilities, producing effective and fast pain relief for your injuries or general wear and tear.
  2. CBD is non-toxic and natural. Many athletes have become overcome with pain, either from injuries or a constant cycle of aching muscles and sore joints. Being prescribed pain relief from a doctor is often beneficial, but it can turn into an addictive cycle very quickly. Once your body becomes used to taking opioids and other pain medication, it can’t live without them. This creates a vicious cycle of further illness and a continuation of medications which, in the long run, are damaging to your body. CBD cream for pain relief, however, is non-toxic. Even ingesting CBD in tablets or oil form is not damaging to your body’s systems in the long run, but actually reduces inflammation. Further, CBD is NOT addictive. This means athletes only have to use these products when they’re needed, not as a supplement just to get through the day.
  3. CBD targets all pain. If you have pain in an array of areas around your body, CBD Topical Sports Sticks and other CBD creams target any source of inflammation. This means that if you are an older athlete, suffering from sore muscles as well as joint pain, you can administer CBD for both of these problems without problems. Further, you can use CBD for many years without doing any harm to your body. Due to its 100% natural properties, CBD will never be harmful to your immune system, muscles, or joints, and has helped athletes for many years without negative side effects.

Positive Side Effects: Not Just For The Sports Field

CBD Positive Side EffectsCBD’s benefits do not start and end on the sports field. Although CBD cream for athletes is unbeatable for pain relief and soreness, its overall natural powers are far-reaching and long-lasting. As an athlete, you know that it’s not just your physical strength that affects your performance. Your overall wellbeing plays an enormous part in how well you perform in your sport.

Here are some other benefits of CBD for athletes:

  • Improved sleep. Tiredness and mental fatigue can bring an athlete’s performance down in more ways than one. Lack of concentration, sore eyes, slowness, and low motivation are all detrimental to your sporting performance. CBD aids sleep by soothing your soreness which might keep you awake at night. It also promotes natural balancing chemicals in your brain which soothe your anxious, late-night thoughts.
  • Improved mental health. Mental health is much more difficult to talk about than physical health. However, worldwide, there is an epidemic of poor mental health. Depression and anxiety rates are higher than ever before. Many athletes, although they’re at the peak of their physical health, suffer immensely with their mental health. Unfortunately, this isn’t widely discussed in the sports community; however, CBD can aid your worrisome mind. Of course, if you have debilitating mental health problems, it is always advisable to see a therapist and get help. CBD has been proven to provide aid for those who suffer from anxiety, which often induces panic attacks, loss of sleep, and generally high stress. CBD Oil for athletes is not just for your physical fitness, but for your mental health, too.