Growing Popularity of CBD Products with Golfers & Rugby Players

Growing Popularity of CBD with Professional Athletes

We love to stay up to date about different athletes confirming their use of CBD as part of their routine. In a recent article published by “The Guardian,” they focus on the rise of CBD use by many profession PGA Tour Golfers, as well as in Britain with various Rugby athletes.

Thinking specifically about Professional Golfers using CBD, household names and major winning golfers Bubba Watson, Lucas Glover, and Charley Hoffman have all recently signed endorsement deals with different companies. When talking about why he uses CBD, Glover stated “…for golfers, the biggest benefit is calmness.” We think its incredible that professional athletes are publicly coming out in support of the use of CBD as an alternative medicine.

In the same article written by “The Guardian,” they interview professional rugby teammates George Kruis and Dominic Day, who were both so blown away by the effectiveness of using CBD for pain relief, that they started their own CBD company. When speaking about why they choose to use CBD products when they have every medicine available to them as professional athletes, Day stated, “The reason we use it is because it is natural and organic, and the alternative is prescription medication…”

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