What exactly is Microdosing?

Many of you have heard the term “microdosing” used in some capacity. For those unfamiliar, “microdosing” is a technique for studying the behavior of humans as they introduce controlled amounts of a substance to the body to allow for study of the cellular response. We often receive the question of “how much CBD should I take” and the honest answer is that amount differs for everyone based on many factors. Yes, there are safe dosages to start and most recommend 10-20mg to be the comfortable normal for most CBD users.


What is Microdosing and should you be doing it with CBD?

From an article published in July, many people have found that Microdosing has been an effective way to consume CBD at comfortable levels. For first time CBD users, a great motto to practice is to “Start Low and Slow”. Another important facet of learning effective CBD dosages is knowing and trusting your product. Nearly all medical professionals recommend only purchasing from CBD companies that show transparent test results. Further, it is important to understand the standard dropper size is 1ml, and if the bottles is 500mg of cbd, each full dropper would contain 17mg CBD. Lastly, as you integrate CBD into your daily life and monitor how your body responds, you will ultimately find the sweet spot. To continue reading about Microdosing, head over to https://www.greenentrepreneur.com/article/335950?_ga=2.40457131.823470139.1567540217-1727056249.1565023431.


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