CBD Cream For Athletes

Since the World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD products from its banned list in 2018, this cannabis extract has been gaining significant attention in the athletics world, and for a good reason. With capabilities to help with everything from post-training pain relief to pre-show jitters, this non-psychoactive component certainly stands to make significant ripples.

Our 100% pure CBD products guarantee you’re always on the right side of training standards and that you’re able to improve your performances as a result. We’re going to discuss some of the reasons you should join this trend, and which products would serve you best when you do.

Athlete-focused CBD benefits

CBD for athletes offers a wide range of benefits, and understanding them should be the first priority. Whether you opt to use an athletic CBD stick or one of our athletic CBD tinctures, you can bet that benefits will become apparent almost instantly. The most notable among these include –

Athlete focused CBD benefits

  • Suppressed inflammation for faster muscle recovery
  • Pain reduction for sports injury relief
  • Stress and anxiety management/relief for improved performances
  • Increased levels of motivation and consistency
  • Better sleep for increased energy
  • A natural alternative to harmful treatments
  • And more

Honestly, this list could go, and we still wouldn’t be able to cover all the potential benefits. In fact, with new research emerging all the time, we don’t even know the full extent of what these products offer. What we do know is that keeping a CBD roll-on stick for pain to hand at all times could take your every performance to the next level.

Professional athletes who use CBD oil

As CBD comes to the athletic fore, some fantastic athletes are openly endorsing CBD roll for sports injuries and more. And, if these top contenders are getting along with these products, don’t you think you could benefit from giving them a try, too? Of course, you don’t need to take our word for it. Top athletes at the forefront of the CBD world right now include –

Mike Tyson

You heard it here first. Or, maybe you didn’t. Either way, this former boxing champ is such a firm believer in the athlete-based benefits of CBD products that he’s opened his very own cannabis strain, fondly named ‘Tyson Holistic Holdings (THH).’

Jake Plummer

NFL’s Jake Plummer originally started using CBD creams and other products to support joint and cartilage function after major hip surgery. He experienced such benefits that he’s gone on to fund ‘Athletes For Care,’ which offers treatments for athletes including…you guessed it – CBD!

Nate Diaz

Professional martial arts fighter Nate Diaz also shouts loud and proud about CBD advantages. In fact, the guy made headlines back in 2016 for brazenly puffing on a CBD vaporizer during a press conference. While you might want to stick to a more subtle CBD rub stick, Diaz’s message still stands. Why shouldn’t we propel this fantastic drug into the main-stream?

What exactly does CBD do for athletes?

So, those are the benefits and a brief breakdown of the athletes openly enjoying them right now, but you may be wondering how exactly CBD works to implement the full range of advantages mentioned. While the majority of us have some ideas here by this point, the technicalities of CBD and its usage still escape many of us.

Effectively all our CBD products, from the anti-pain cream to the CBD muscle stick, work by attaching to specific receptors already evident in our naturally occurring endocannabinoid systems plus cbd for treating chronic back pain. These systems are responsible for the regulation of all neuron activity around the body, meaning that CBD can inhibit the release of certain neurotransmitters, which would otherwise cause pain, stress, and general athletic setbacks.

Of course, this is still a relatively new area of study, and experts are forever developing their understanding of this process. Still, professionals are already hailing that, as well as athletic benefits such as muscle recovery, CBD for arthritis, depression, and even cancer, may also be beneficial.

AthletiCBD products for your every need

Here at AthletiCBD, we offer a range of CBD products targeted towards athletes and more. With zero THC and other banned products evident in our range, we hope that we can help athletes across the board towards improved performances. Buying from us certainly ensures that you tailor what goes into your body, and the performances you’re able to achieve as a result. Some products guaranteed to help athlete performances include –

CBD ProStick Muscle & Joint Pain Cream Roll-On Relief

CBD ProStick Muscle and Joint Pain Cream Roll-On ReliefThe direct targeting of CBD sports cream is ideal for athlete purposes, and our CBD roll-on stick is the perfect option for a cream that you can apply whenever necessary. Our muscle & joint pain CBD topical stick has been formulated to be the most effective natural CBD topical available. What’s more, this CBD sport stick is non-GMO, with no pesticides or THC, and all-natural ingredients. If you’re looking for a CBD relief stick for immediate relief during training sessions, then look no further.

Watermelon CBD/CBG Tincture

While creams tend to offer the most accessible applications for athletes, our flavored CBD tinctures also prove popular in the sporting world. Whether you’re looking for CBD oil for soft tissue injury or muscle repair, our watermelon offering definitely won’t let you down. With 1 gram CBD isolate and, yet again, zero THC content, this tincture, and the various others we offer, are often used for anti-inflammation, sleep, and pain relief.

Stress/pain relief bath bombs

Available for both pain and stress relief, our bath bombs also offer a fantastic athletic treat between training sessions. As well as helping you to relax at last, the lab-tested CBD isolate on offer here can be a subtle way to top up your CBD needs, and enjoy the multitude of benefits already discussed.

CBD usage may still be new in athletic circles, but it’s already making major ripples. If you want to avoid/overcome injury, or simply improve performances by getting rid of residual anxiety, then you could certainly benefit from joining this trend.