CBD Cream for Pain

If you think that prescription-free pain relief is just a dream, think again. CBD cream can offer a non-pharmaceutical, plant-based pain-relieving option for all your muscle and joint pains.

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Whether you suffer from joint pain from chronic arthritis or carpal tunnel, or just can’t seem to get relief from squats from your leg-day workout, CBD cream might just be that drug free product you’ve been looking for.

It is estimated by the CDC that 1 out of every 5 Americans suffers from chronic pain, with many being back, joint, and arthritis pain. So, if you’re one of the 20% of people who deal with daily pain, how can you manage that pain? CBD might just be your answer.

Athleticbd, a hemp-based product grown directly in Colorado, is a legal and safe alternative to other more invasive pain management options. Directly applied to the muscle or sore joint, Athleticbd comes in sticks to easily apply and is quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving no greasy residue.

CBD for PainLong-lasting, CBD creams are an up-and-coming option to reduce pain and are highly touted as a non-addictive option to those who go through their daily routines with chronic pain and discomfort. CBD offers no psychoactive effects, and while derived from the same plant, does not offer the effects of THC. So, no, you don’t need to worry about suddenly getting high while racking those 45-pound plates the next time you hit the gym. However, if you’re rolling on AhletiCBD’s Prostick muscle & joint pain cream roll-on relief, you will notice a huge difference in muscle recovery after your next lift session.

If you suffer from back or neck pain, you know how very real and debilitating it can be. With huge impacts on your life, from doing basic tasks to being distracted by the pain, productivity at work is decreased and your overall quality of life is greatly reduced. If cbd for back pain is such a miracle treatment for back pain, how exactly does CBD work?

How does CBD Cream work?

Without getting into all of the science behind how CBD affects the brain and pain receptors in the body, the gist is that CBD works with your own body’s systems, including the endocannabinoid system, which is important in regulating things like memory, mood, and yes, pain.

Early studies are finding that CBD relieves pain in a few ways, from slowing down the metabolism in your body so it can work to heal, by reducing the number of naturally occurring inflammatory responses when you tear your muscles (such as when you’re lifting heavy weights and thus creating micro-tears in your muscles) and by releasing heat within your nerves to soothe pain receptors. Cannabinoids work with your body to reduce the pain. If you’re interested in checking out some of the more in-depth ways that CBD affects the body, check out our breakdown of CBD Science here.

CBD Cream and CBD Oil for muscle and joint pain?

For general health, CBD oil is often touted as incredible by recent medical research. It’s been known to produce reductions in symptoms related to insomnia, IBS, nausea, anxiety, and multiple other health conditions.

So, if that’s true, why should you choose CBD Cream over CBD Oil when you’re experiencing pain? The most apparent reasons you may want to turn to athletiCBD creams, oils or cbd muscle balm for your pain including the following –

  • Targeted relief to the specific muscle or joint area
  • Longer-lasting than a typical internal CBD oil taken orally
  • Faster relief for injuries and pain with nearly immediate relief
  • Direct relief for muscle spasms
  • Functional and easy to apply anywhere, from an office to a locker room

Is CBD Cream right for me? How do I choose which one to use?

To put it bluntly, if you suffer from any chronic muscle or joint pain, CBD creams are likely right for you. They are strong enough to work for professional athletes, and versatile enough for the barista with carpal tunnel from making thousands of delicious lattes.

With proven effects of lowering the pain associated with arthritis, CBD cream is not just for people who have intensely athletic lives, either, but for every man and woman.

It’s easy to think that an alternative to pain relief might be for someone else and not you, but would you rather pop acetaminophen all day and not know if it’s going to do anything today, or roll on some lotion and have immediate relief?

So, now that you’re ready to jump on the CBD cream bandwagon, how do you know which strength or option is right for your lifestyle?

AthletiCBD offers roll-on options because this helps keep your hands dry while rolling it on, and the CBD cream goes exactly where it should. You won’t waste any product, and it can be applied directly to the spot that you’re feeling the most pain and discomfort. Additionally, don’t worry about sweating this off if you’re in for a rousing game of racquetball. Your tennis elbow won’t flare up and you won’t be sweating it off with our roll-on option.

If your discomfort tends to be lower, you may want to try the 300mg option offered by AthletiCBD. This is a fantastic option for muscle stiffness, pain associated with arthritis, and general aches and pains associated with past injuries.

If you suffer from relatively intense pain, it might be time to up the ante by choosing the ProStick Muscle & Joint Pain Cream Roll-On Relief in 1000MG. If you’ve recently broken a bone, continuously have severe back or neck pain, or don’t have time to reapply a lower dose throughout your workday, this is a great option for you.

CBD Bath Bomb for PainLooking for a soothing bath after a rough workout? Skip the Epsom salts, and check out our pain-relief CBD bath bomb with 50 MG of CBD. Infused with peppermint oil, the scent will help invigorate your sore body and have you on your way to feeling your best.

CBD can fit your lifestyle

While there’s still some negative stigma about hemp-related products, you can feel secure that your CBD roll-on stick looks totally inconspicuous in case you’re feeling at all self-conscious about implementing CBD into your life. There are no addictive qualities, and you’ll never have any THC related effects since athletiCBD only offers THC-free options.

Keeping a CBD roll-on stick for pain relief handy in your purse or gym bag is one way to reduce chronic pain and maintain a better quality of life.

AtheltiCBD offers topical sticks that are formulated to be the most effective topical available on the market. Even better, it’s made with no pesticides or THC and only includes all-natural ingredients. If you’re looking for a non-prescription, non-conventional pain killer, look no further than athletiCBD.