Topical CBD For Treating Chronic Back Pain

Young and old, our lifestyles aren’t suited to back health anymore. Athletes and office workers alike are finding that lower back pain plagues them. Even our adolescents are increasingly experiencing issues thanks to computer chairs and other such problems. And, if the amount of pain relief we’re using is anything to go by, something seriously needs to change.

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Around 80% of the population experiences back pain at some stage, making it the worldwide leading cause of disability. It’s an issue that we lose approximately 264 million workdays to yearly, and is one of the leading reasons for ongoing pain relief. In extreme cases, sufferers reach for tablets before they’re even able to get out of bed.

The good news is that just such a change is on our horizon, and it comes in the form of topical CBD. Now, experts are realizing that this alternative treatment method is incredibly effective for tackling joint and muscle pain, all without the less beneficial side effects (and costs) associated with ongoing pain prescriptions. CBD is making such changes to the way we treat muscle pains, in fact, that even the Anti-Doping Agency has removed it from their banned substances list for athlete use.

But, what exactly is topical CBD, and how on earth can it tackle back pain when nothing has managed to touch the issue until now?

What is topical CBD?

Topical CBD For Back PainAt this stage, we all understand what CBD is, don’t we? It’s been front-page news for years, and its magical medicinal properties have already changed the way we treat a range of conditions. Formally known as Cannabidiol, this chemical compound from the cannabis plant is non-psychoactive and quickly earning its place in our medical world and mentality.

Topical CBD is simply a different form for usage, where CBD oils are implemented into topical bases for easy use and effective pain relief. Every one of our topical CBD products can be applied directly to pain areas and works to bind naturally occurring CB2 receptors for reduced pain. This natural pain relief method is fantastic for athletes and many others alike, as it allows for drug-free back pain relief and more, all without potentially harmful side effects.

How topical CBD is beating back pain

Topical CBD for back pain is quickly overtaking our need for prescription drugs. Still, you might want to know precisely how this alternative can help before you ditch the medication altogether. Luckily, there are now various studies into what topical CBD can do to relieve back pain, joint and muscle pain included. As mentioned, topical applications work to target natural receptors in the body, and thus reduce inflammation associated with chronic problems like these. Studies are also arising to reveal that CBD applications may well alter the way we think about and experience pain, thus also reducing problems.

To explain this more fully, CBD interacts with our internal endocannabinoid system (ECS) to maintain homeostasis and enhance absorption of the pain-regulating compound anandamide. More recent studies also reveal that CBD targets alpha-3 glycine receptors which can help to reduce inflammatory pain such as chronic back issues. This, mixed with the direct CB2 targeting of topical, makes for almost instant back pain relief for even those who have struggled with this problem for years.

The benefits of CBD alternatives

In many ways, the benefits of CBD topical over heavier pain killers should be evident from miles off. The ability to reduce harmful drugs and still see improved results is a cause that any sufferer of chronic back pain can get behind. But, to understand just how much CBD topical for pain relief stand to change treatment in this area, it’s worth breaking down the benefits that users can expect to see, including –

Topical CBD 300mg

  • Reduced back inflammation
  • Drug-free treatments
  • Reduced risks of addiction/dependency
  • Direct application for targeted relief
  • Improved quality of life due to instant results
  • Reduced levels of anxiety surrounding pain
  • Improved sleep for better health across the board
  • And more

CBD applications also bring a host of mental benefits besides, meaning that patients experiencing anxiety or depression as a direct result of ongoing back pain can expect to experience improved moods as well. And, as we’re seeing from the fast rate of research emerging in this area all the time, this list of benefits only stands to get longer as we learn more and more about precisely what CBD applications stand to do for even chronic back conditions.

Topical CBD products guaranteed to help you

There’s no denying it; CBD for back pain can change lives in ways that few drugs have managed to achieve before now. This is huge news, and it’s something our wide range of pain-targeting topical CBD products can help you with.

If you’re fed up of fighting chronic back pain with no relief, then look no further. Our athlete-approved products could see you experiencing instant relief and a drastically improved lifestyle moving forward. One of our products, in particular, stands to help you put back pain behind you.

CBD Pro Stick Muscle & Joint Pain Cream Roll-On Relief

This has to be our most popular topical CBD offering, and with good reason. Tailored to target pain areas, this formula is the most effective natural anti-inflammatory topical available at the moment. Applied directly to the skin with an easy-to-use roll-on, you can expect instant relief from back pain, joint niggles, and more. As well as fantastically targeting chronic back problems, this product can help with everything from after-training athlete recovery to CBD for arthritis!

What’s more, every roll-on is –

  • Made with non-GMO, pesticide-free hemp oil
  • THC-free
  • Sweat-resistant
  • Doctor recommended

Leave it to AthleticCBD

Since 2018, we’ve been developing CBD products targeted towards pain relief, and we’re on hand to help you put chronic back pain to bed at last. With our commitment to quality and stringent manufacturing processes, we promise to provide the products you’ve been spent searching for. Simply order topical CBD now, and we guarantee that your chronic back pain won’t be able to touch you any longer.