CBD For Arthritis

350 million people suffer from arthritis worldwide, and it’s not just one type of arthritis that people deal with. It’s osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis – there are many types, and it’s a painful and debilitating condition for some. It’s marked by an inflammation of the joints, with the main symptoms being stiffness and joint pain. It is not easy to handle long-term, and with the long term effects on the joints being destruction and degeneration, it’s hard on the body over time, too.

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There are many different conventional treatments and medications that are available for arthritis, but the problem with them is that they’re not always effective, with some causing side effects that are worse than the symptoms themselves. With that in mind, it makes sense that many who are suffering are turning to CBD for arthritis as an alternative treatment.

What Does The Research Say?

CBD For Arthritis SymptomsThere has been plenty of research carried out on the impact of CBD for arthritis, with some of the most noted studies coming up with the following points:

  • 18% of people seeking a medical cannabis evaluation in a clinic in California were doing so because of arthritis symptoms
  • When pitched against each other, THC was proven to have better anti-inflammatory benefits than aspirin.
  • CBD works by decreasing inflammation and blocking the pro-inflammatory chemicals from forming.

This research has proven vital in the treatment of arthritis and the fact that it’s drug free CBD arthritis relief makes it even better.

How Would Arthritis Normally Be Treated?

Arthritis does not yet have a cure, but that doesn’t mean that various treatments haven’t been attempted. The conventional methods for treating arthritis can slow down the progression and make the symptoms easier to bear. Doctors often recommend certain lifestyle changes, such as exercise and keeping weight at a healthy level to their patients. As obesity has a correlation with osteoarthritis, it’s sensible advice for patients, but it’s important for doctors to continue to look beyond weight issues to help.

The options for medications prescribed are as follows:
NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs). These reduce the inflammation and control the pain better, and ibuprofen is a classic example of a prescribed drug. Long term use of ibuprofen can cause adverse side effects, though, which is why sufferers are looking for alternatives.

Analgesics. Many of these are available over the counter, and depending on the severity of the pain, not many of these are effective.

Opioids. It’s common for doctors to prescribe opioids for the pain caused by arthritis, but the side effects are often not worth it. Nausea, constipation, drowsiness and a risk of addiction come with it, which is why people are turning the other way.

Conventional painkillers are the reason that an alternative is being sought. There is merit in the convention methods, and they do work for the time they are used, but there is no cure for arthritis and people should not have to suffer to feel less pain. This is where CBD for arthritis comes in.

Why You Should Consider Topical CBD For Arthritis

There are plenty of reasons to use topical CBD, and when it comes to arthritis, these are the reasons you should be considering it:

Topical CBD For Arthritis

  • Effective pain relief
  • The need for conventional medications is reduced
  • Very little in they way of side effects
  • Better mobility
  • Improved sleep

Of course, side effects are still possible with CBD, and you should always be aware of the interactions that drugs can have with topical CBD for arthritis. Some of the side effects you may experience are drowsiness, dry mouth and upset stomach. There are very few reports of extreme side effects with CBD, and that’s because there rarely is any! If you are new to instant arthritis relief, you need to consider topical CBD for arthritis.

How Does CBD Work For Arthritis

Many people choose to try CBD for arthritis because they hear about the instant arthritis relief that occurs with it. It’s considered to be a potent anti-inflammatory, and when there are aches in the hands and the joints, Topical CBD for arthritis can make a world of difference. With the use of CBD, inflammation in the body begins to decrease so that the person dealing with it experienced much less pain.

Topical CBD for arthritis work to offer direct application to the areas of the body that are in the most pain. You get to be specific about your treatment rather than take on tablets and pills that may help the affected area. With topical CBD for arthritis, you can diffuse the CBD across the skin, helping the pain at the source and directly stimulating the receptors in the area.

When it comes to medication for arthritis, it’s been said that CBD through oral administration is effective, but not as effective given the poor bioavailability. And yet with topical CBD for arthritis, you can expect to avoid gastrointestinal administration, reducing the swelling and pain in the right areas while bypassing the ingestion stage.

As it stands, CBD is still being studied for its effectiveness on your arthritis, including how it can help. However, it’s plainly obvious to most people that topical CBD for arthritis is a clear solution for pain. If you are a sufferer and you are considering topical CBD, then considering buying a product that has a high potency from a company that cares.

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