Topical CBD That Helps With Inflammation And Pain

We live in a world where athletics are important. Fitness enthusiasts and sports medicine educators are rising through the ranks to teach us more about our bodies. They work hard to win more trophies in the Olympics and to show us how we can push our bodies more than ever before. Their goal, as athletes, is to maintain the ability to perform at their highest level.

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The only problem with this level of athleticism is that it’s a lot of pressure for the body to endure. This can lead to long term chronic pain, inflammation or injuries, which ends with the athlete being offered injections and NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) to help. The side effects that happen as a result of prolonged use of NSAIDs and injections can be detrimental to the physical and mental wellbeing of the athlete.

So, what’s the alternative?

Well, back in 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD as a list of banned substances from athletics. This meant that the doors were flung wide open for new pain relief for athletes that hadn’t previously been considered. When parts of the body is inflamed, it’s bound to end up in pain. This level of pain prevents athletes from performing at the top of their game. With the introduction of topical CBD for athletes, inflamed areas can be directly targeted, naturally loosening the muscles and increasing the blood flow toward them. The result is less pain and inflammation for the athlete.

All of this allows someone to heal much faster, have a more improved recovery and remain at their peak performance the entire time. CBD is something that can provide drug free pain relief without all of the side effects, and every athlete should be aware that this option exists.

Which Products Are Best?

When it comes to choosing the best instant inflammation relief for athletes, AthletiCBD can help. We have CBD based products that emphasize the drug free pain relief that athletes can experience. Our products offer muscle pain relief for athletes through the application of topical CBD. We do carry other products, but it’s the topical CBD for athletes that we’d like to focus on.

Through our testimonies, you can see that our users report instant relief, and we’re proud to be able to offer a solution that doesn’t involve traditional medication. Below, you’ll find a few of our products that can help with pain relief for athletes.

CBD ProStick Muscle & Joint Pain Cream Roll-On Relief 1000MG

Topical CBD for Inflammation And PainThis CBD Muscle and Joint Pain Relief stick is there for those who are dealing with the aches and pains brought about by endurance training in athletics. Extensive workouts can cause pain and inflammation, and our CBD ProStick 1000MG is a pain relief for athletes that is quick and convenient. The plus points include:

  • Easy to use
  • Instant inflammation relief for athletes
  • Scientifically formulated to be the most effective, natural anti-inflammatory topical available on the market today
  • Developed exclusively in America by a licensed pharmacist with 20 years + experience
  • Applied directly to the skin – a small amount does wonders and the cream gets to work quickly
  • Zero THC, non-GMO, pesticide free
  • CO2 extracted industrial hemp oil
  • Free shipping

CBD ProStick Muscle & Joint Pain Cream Roll-On Relief 300MG

Similarly to above, this CBD roll on stick is easy to use and offers very fast relief for muscle pain after training. It’s not as strong as the 1000MG, with only 300MG of CBD, but it is effective for those who need it the most.

As a topical roll-on, it can be put straight to the area of the body that’s in pain for instant inflammation relief for athletes.

50MG Pain Relief Bath Bomb

Believe it or not, a CBD bath bomb can give your body relief from the aches and pains acquired through training. With 50MG of CBD infused into it, our bath bombs include 100% pure peppermint oil, so that you get the relaxation element along with the stabilized mind and mood. Our special blend of 100% Pure Essential Oils and lab-tested CBD can give you the relaxation you need after a workout. There are no artificial dyes or preservatives in our bath bombs, and you’ll only have the highest quality ingredients that won’t stain the tub.

How Topical CBD Can Help

Topical CBD for athletes offers pain and inflammation management. It’s an excellent alternative to narcotics, particularly as the side effects of many of those can lead to addiction. You are also at risk of heart disease, stroke and gastrointestinal bleeding. There are plenty of ways that topical CBD can help athletes and we’ve put together how below:

Lower Back Pain
Soft-tissue injuries are a common cause of lower back pain. With our topical CBD for athletes, the pain is targeted through the skin directly, allowing for pain relief for athletes to be faster and more targeted. You can use the topical CBD products as often as you need throughout the day, too.

Neck Pain
Straining the neck is common with bad practice during weight training. Our CBD topical makes it easy to manage that pain with six short swipes to the neck. It offers muscle pain relief for athletes that can be used as much as needed.

Hand & Feet Pain
With all the smaller bones and connective tissues at work, our CBD Topical can provide instant inflammation relief for weightlifters and athletes. The stick application can be used over and over without needing to wash hands between uses.

Home Grown in the USA
Each batch of our hemp is processed on an organic farm in Colorado and grown with love. We’re proud of our products, and we hope you will be, too.

At AthletiCBD, our mission is about creating a healthier future for athletes. We engineer safe remedies for pain with minimal side effects. Our products are researched, developed and manufactured by licensed professionals in the USA and we guarantee consistency and effectiveness for all of our users.

For more information on our products, give us a call or view our topical CBD products on our website. We’re ready to help – are you ready to order topical CBD now?