Improve Sleeping Habits with Athletic CBD * CBD For Healthy Sleep

CBD For Healthy Sleep

There are a few things in life that you can’t compromise on. One of those is the quality of your sleep. And yet there are millions of people suffering from poor quality sleep every evening.

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Life is busy, and because of this, we often aren’t leaving enough space between playing with technology and getting into bed. Or, we choose to wait until we are beyond tired and try to go to sleep. All counterproductive.

But there is something on the market that can help your body and mind relax and soothe you off to a great night’s sleep. CBD oils, CBD balms and CBD bath bombs are some of the most effective supplements that you can add to your daily diet, or use topically to relax you and promote healthy sleep.

Lack of Sleep

CBD Helps with Lack of SleepConsistently having a poor sleep causes a range of issues. It can cause you to have a lack of focus, which will impact your work and life productivity. It can age your skin and leave your body aching and tired, and has a huge impact when it comes to mental health too. And, if all that isn’t enough, it can give you poorer judgment and put you at a higher risk of heart issues.

Holistic Approach

This is where CBD has the edge on any pharmaceutical drugs. Supporting the natural functions of your body’s own endocannabinoid system is going to give you a more natural sleep. But in general, when you add CBD in any way to your diet, you are giving your body something it needs.

When you combine a carefully curated evening routine, with either CBD oils, CBD Balms or CBD bath bombs for a restful sleep, you naturally increase your chances of better rest.

A holistic approach to your sleep simply means treating the whole person, not just a single thing. This is why CBD is the ideal holistic sleep aid; it works for the whole body and the mind as a relaxing agent.

CBD as a Sleep Aid

Something that we have known for a while, and is backed by the science of CBD, our cbd muscle balm is that it is brimming with anti-inflammatories, calming properties and pain-reducing properties too.

It reacts with multiple receptors and proteins within the body and encourages the endocannabinoid system to function better.

The endocannabinoid system is responsible for sleep patterns, appetite, pain management, stress responses, body temperature, and more. CBD works with that system to support the receptors and produces a positive outcome.

CBD promotes homeostasis within your body.

This is why CBD for a night of healthy sleep is something that your body actually requires, not just a fad.

Something that makes CBD even more impactful as a sleep aid is that it helps relieve things like anxiety, depression, OCD, panic disorder, and a range of other anxiety disorders – which are large contributing factors to sleeplessness in modern times.

Improve your Sleep Routine with Athletic CBD

Improve your Sleep Routine with CBDIdeally, you need to start your nighttime routine hours ahead of when you actually want to be asleep. For the best drug-free rest, you should be adding a CBD tincture to everyday life too, keeping your system healthy and happy.

Later in the day, ditch the coffee and switch to herbal tea or water.

Try to stick to this at the same time every day, this will help your mind and body adjust to the rhythm that you need, and both will begin to relax at a specific time each day. CBD consumption supports your natural rhythm here.

A warm bath is an ideal way for you to relax your body. Using a bath bomb packed with natural ingredients like CBD will soothe you. Depending on what you need, you can get CBD bath bombs for stress relief and rest, or you could opt for a CBD bath bomb for pain relief. It is all about what you prefer.

After your bath, if you struggle with painful joints or muscle pain, you can apply some of our CBD ProStick Muscle & CBD Joint Pain Cream Roll-on. This combination will ensure that any inflammation and pain will be reduced and you can then get that rest you need.

CBD vs. Other Options

It is important to understand why CBD is generally the better option. Aside from it being natural and produced within your body already, there is much more to it. There is a range of OTC drugs and other natural options too. The problem with almost all other natural options is that they often leave the user with undesirable effects, foggy memory, dizziness, swelling, and the huge issue of dependency on them to fall asleep.

OTC drug options often leave the user in a much deeper sleep than they would naturally be able to achieve, which isn’t as good as it sounds. Our bodies use the nighttime to repair, rejuvenate, and replenish. There is a cycle to it that some drugs don’t support. CBD, however, has had zero negative side effects when it comes to improving sleep.

Sleep Improvement Tips

It is important to understand that, just like other supplements, CBD takes a while to build up and maintain in your system. This is why, like everything in life, you should have a goal for your CBD intake. If it is for sleep and/or anxiety reduction, a bath bomb followed with a few drops of tincture will help you drift off.

For pain and muscle aches, the above combination with the added topical application to the painful area will help reduce the swelling and the pain enough for you to get some better rest which will also assist in your body healing your overall ailments.

Quality CBD Products

If you purchase poor quality CBD, you will get poor quality results. This is why we only have the highest-quality and cleanest CBD products that you can purchase. Not only is the Hemp we use non-GMO and pesticide-free, but we use the Supercritical form of extraction. Ensuring there is less than 0.3% THC in our products.

As well as the quality of our isolate, we use natural ingredients with exceptional properties in all of our products too. Ranging from coconut oil to camphor oil.

So when it comes to getting a natural, drug-free sleep, there is nothing on the market as comforting and supportive as CBD and our products are designed for the job.